How can I get on Google?

The art of getting highly ranked in search engines is called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and is a complex and ever-changing subject. It is probably the most important digital marketing strategy available to your business and getting it right could be critical to your business success as it is more cost effective than digital advertising.

It used to be enough to link to a few other websites and Google would find you but now (2020) the best ways to rank highly are:

  • Good structure
  • High quality content

Good structure

Having a website that is great for mobile users will benefit your SEO. Websites that are responsive change how they look depending on the size of the screen they are being viewed from. To find out if your site is responsive you can open it on a laptop or desktop computer and drag the edge of the window narrower. If it doesn’t change to stay looking good then it is not responsive to screen size and could look terrible on mobiles. Sites need to load quickly, have the correct architecture and have an SSL certificate. Modern sites now use a “mobile-first” principle where they are designed to look good on mobiles first then adapted to respond to larger screens rather than the other way round. Mobile-Friendly sites not only change their display according to screen size but they are also fast to load. One example of how to achieve this is that you should optimise image files so you are not loading huge files and slowing down your site.

High quality content

Copying content from other sites will be detrimental to your ranking and writing good quality content that other people link to is a great way of ranking highly. The best content contains Keywords written in context and supported by the structure of the page. The longer people spend on your site, the higher you will rank so if you can create engaging content that is easy to read then Google will reward you! The structure of your content matters because it allows the search engines to make sense of your content. For example only having one <h1> (Big heading) per page makes it obvious what the topic of that page is. Using semantic html helps with this as well as increasing accessibility.

Website authority

Domain authority and page authority are a way of ranking sites to try and predict how they will perform on Google. However, google uses a much more nuanced and complex algorithm so whilst these "authorities" are interesting (and to some degree useful) they should not be the sole basis of your SEO.

So what should I do?

Good google results can be obtained by using a combination of fast loading speeds and good page structure with high quality, original content. If your business has a geographical location then registering the address with google will help you appear in more searches. Getting these basics right could be all you need to increase your company online visibility but if you need even better SEO then it could be time to talk to an expert.